• Adult Acne

    Thank you to Sally at Spa-beauty for this fab info! Why it happens and what you can do for it "The good news is, with a skin clinician's help and a bit of patience, virtually every case of acne can be controlled!" At ModBod we not only treat teens for acne. Acne can also be particularly frustrat... View Post
  • Is Stress Draining Your Skin Radiance?

    Fab article from Spa Beauty NZ, Edited by Pea Blackwood, ModBod Face & Body Clinic on Feb 27th, 2016. Acknowledgment: Pia Kynoch, BT, Verve Australia:) Is stress Draining your skin radiance?Modern life. Most find it overwhelmingly busy and stressful... wrinkles are called ‘worry lines’ for a... View Post
  • Nurtured Nails are the best looking ones.

    There's little doubt that we have a problem in the beauty industry with sub-standard manicures and nail treatments, as well as products.Time and again I am witnessing women with severely damaged nails from buffing, unhygienic use of tools and equipment in salons to perform manicures on their nail... View Post