Teeth Whitening

The Advanced Whitening Kit™ is the number one system in use by non-dentists in North America to provide teeth whitening services, but even dentists love this kit. It gives the best results of any kit that doesn’t require a gingival barrier (gum protection). 

Because the 16% hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel in this kit is too strong for use in a mouth tray, the kit comes with a cheek retractor and a “paint-on” applicator pen. Beaming White invented the “paint-on” system (The Beaming White System) when they realised that using gel stronger than 12% hydrogen peroxide in a mouth tray would cause too much gum irritation.
The cheek retractor in the kit keeps lips and sensitive tissue away from the teeth. Plus, the cheek retractor is much more comfortable than a mouth tray. The gel is painted onto the teeth, avoiding the gums and gum irritation.Teeth whitening has become one of the most requested cosmetic treatments and for good reason. Studies have shown that a beaming white smile not only makes you more attractive, it also helps you appear more intelligent, successful, and friendly! Everyone feels better when they have great looking white teeth.

Teeth Whitening Clinical Strength

(allow 1hour) - $199 (consultation is FREE)
Results last from 6-12 months*
*All first time 'teeth whitening' client's qualify for a take-home teeth whitening gel maintenance pen for just $10 (while stocks last)