About Our Team

Meet the ModBod Team..

At ModBod Face & Body Clinic,  it is our fantastic, experienced, nationally & internationally qualified, Registered Nurses, Administration professionals, as well as Beauty, Skin, & Massage therapists, that make ModBod the go-to team of experts for all your Beauty Therapy, Cosmetic & Appearance Medicine needs...and dreams!!

Take a peek at our team right here, or better still, pop in to the clinic to meet us!! We love that!


Registered Nurse & Aesthetic Nurse Specialist:

Hi! My name is Pea,

I'm a Registered Nurse who has chosen to Specialise in the exciting area of Appearance Medicine.

I love my work and cannot imagine doing anything else! I specialize in natural results that lift and freshen up your look, & won't leave you feeling "over done". With years of advanced Botox and Filler injecting behind me I endeavor to keep up with the latest technologies and only use the very best and latest in Botulinum Toxin and Dermal filler technology. My practice is regulated in association with a member of the (New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine) NZSCM, and I attend regular peer support meetings and education events to ensure my practice stays current. I have a history of medical, surgical, and Intensive Care Nursing, and I am level 4 resuscitation certified- Your go-to girl for Botox and Fillers!;)




Senior Skin & Beauty Therapist, plus  Brow "feather touch/  microblade & powder Tattoo Brow Technician 

Hi there, My Name is Kim

Kim is ModBod's leading expert in the field of Skin & Beauty Therapy, & the latest method of Brow Tattooing. With her vast experience, delightful persona plus caring & honest approach to her client's, Kim is an absolute asset to anyone wanting to look & feel their best, as well as anyone needing a pick-me-up session. She's also a 'bit of a perfectionist'...don't we just love that!:) 

Kim believes everybody can make the most of what they have. Her warmth, sincerity, honesty & 'eye for detail' are proving a "breath of fresh air" to her client's, and her product and skin knowledge are second to none.  Kim is also committed to maintaining her ongoing skin & beauty industry education- a core ModBod Value. 


Coolest Client Comment about Kim : " I love my brow's, I didn't realise they would look this natural, I'm amazed". 



Massage & Beauty Therapist, plus Lash Tech Specialist

Hello, My Name is Nadia (aka 'Nadz')

With previous experience at a local chiropractic clinic, & somewhat of a perfectionist, Nadia is knowledgeable & proficient in all aspects of massage therapy including Sports & Deep tissue, & fully understands the process from muscle tension & discomfort to complete muscle relief & healing. (see our fab 'massage therapy menu'). Nadz is also a fully qualified beauty & skin therapist that loves to pamper and make our clients feel and look amazing!! There is no doubt about it, like the rest of ModBod's amazing staff, Nadz does amazing work. Nadia loves what she does, is approachable, always positive, & gives her client's 100%. Feel free to pop up for a chat, she's always happy to help:)

Coolest client comment about Nadz,"I feel like I have less pain (in my shoulder) even after one session, I'll definately be back next week"