Terms & Conditions

Specials & Promotions Terms & Conditions: 

Always pays to have these to help clarify to you our very valued customers exactly how things work, although we know a lot of it is common sense, the law requires us to have them in writing. If you have further questions or comments about any of these please don't hesitate to contact one of the team.

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The ModBod Team x

So here goes:

  • Specials & Promos offered on social media or in newspapers, TV, Radio, flyers, in other words ANY special or promo we run cannot be transferred to anyone, is per person, unless otherwises stated in that promo. Includes ModBod Dollars.
  • There is always an expiry date on a promo, and an amount of time that you get to redeem the special or deal. That means it stops then.
  • One promo cannot be used in conjunction with another "special price combo", another person or friend. It is just to be used as it is. We keep these things straight forward & simple.
  • ModBod Staff reserve the right to refuse treatment. Please note this has never happened, it's just there to protect our staff in case the need arises.
  • No-Show and late cancellation fees apply. Its a respect thing for us and for clients that had to miss out. 
  • We are a reasonable and professional bunch, our client's wellbeing, comfort, & quality of treatment & service is paramount & core to our values, if there is ever an issue please talk to us! Your feedback is so important to us.
  • ModBod Dollars cannot be exchanged for cash, transferred to anyone, used to purchase vouchers, or used on any appearance medicine services including Botox, Fillers, & PRP.
  • ModBod Dollars expire after 6 months.
  • ModBod Dollars are an exciting new loyalty promotion where by every time you spend you build up cash rewards. These accumulate as "ModBod Dollars". You can spend any time before expiry on any product or treatment (excluding appearance medicine).