• How Appearance Medicine Can Help You

    Our Modbod nurse Pea discusses botox on Canterbury Live "At ModBod we understand that in the case of facial interventions, the facial expression must be preserved and that any facial change must be directed to enhance a healthy and more youthful appearance but not to alter a person's inherent ch... View Post
  • The no BS guide to Male Spa & Beauty treatments

    If there’s one thing the recent uptick in male beauty treatments has given us, it’s a solid appreciation of portmanteau. From the dermal depths of ‘Brotox’ up to the smooth layers of ‘manscaping’, bolting a macho prefix onto the names of those decidedly ladies-only treatments makes them very manly indeed. And thank the grooming gods; getting caught with your hands in your partner’s wash bag was becoming a real risk, right guys? View Post
  • Adult Acne

    Thank you to Sally at Spa-beauty for this fab info! Why it happens and what you can do for it "The good news is, with a skin clinician's help and a bit of patience, virtually every case of acne can be controlled!" At ModBod we not only treat teens for acne. Acne can also be particularly frustrat... View Post